Tune in to Steve Satek on Out Chicago!

Great Lakes’ very own, Steve Satek, will be joining comedian and activist Scott Duff on Chicago’s only live broadcast for the LGBTQ community July 17th, 2023. Out Chicago is LGBT Radio – two hours of culture and chit-chat for the gay community. Live Sun from 11AM–1PM on WCPT 820.

About Scott Duff & Ellen Miller

Scott Duff and Ellen Miller invite you to spend Sunday Brunch with your gay best friends.  Each week they tackle today’s headlines from a queer perspective and focus on the accomplishments of the vibrant LGBTQ community in Chicago and across the globe.

Scott Duff is an OUT AND PROUD comic, actor, and activist who performs throughout Chicagoland and around the country.

Ellen Miller is an accomplished musician who has had successful careers in the fields including radio advertising, and real estate.

Listen live here: https://player.listenlive.co/62551/